Things you and your Wedding Photographer Billericay Should Agree on Before the Wedding Day

wedding photographer BillericayWedding days are really important days in one’s life and should be taken very seriously. I know you would have already chosen a date for your wedding, booked venues and also contacted a wedding photographer Billericay to handle your photo shoots. Well how about agreeing on certain terms before your photographer can commence work. This agreement should be done months before the wedding day. In this article I would be discussing the different terms you and your wedding photographer should agree on before the wedding date.


This should be like the first thing you should settle with your photographer before the wedding day so as to avoid any form of disagreements. That’s why it’s advisable to book a wedding photographer on time so you can have the time to discuss at length with him or her and agree on a certain fee. The essence of agreeing on a certain fee is to make sure that at the end of the day no one is waiting for an extra payment or arguments.

Quality of images

Your wedding images or portraits are as important as your wedding day. The portraits and images are like sacred books that hold sacred stories. Imagine getting images that are not of good quality, it can be disheartening. Make sure you and your wedding photographer Billericay agree on the quality of images you want for your wedding photos and images.

Commitment to work

Every photographer is expected to be committed to work. However, it is really important that during the negotiation and payment period, commitment to work should be one of the vital things you and your photographer need to talk about and have an agreement about. Your wedding pictures are really important and for the fact that a lot of things happen during your wedding day, your wedding photographer has to be alert and committed to get the all the moments on your wedding day.

Ownership of wedding pictures:

This is one thing that needs a lot of attention because this has caused a lot of arguments and legal issues. Sometimes, most couple feel that because they have paid you for those images a photographer has no ownership whatsoever on those images and any further use of the images should be with their consent. Before the wedding day, I would totally suggest that you discuss this aspect with your photographer and explain everything to him or her before signing off a wedding photography contract.


There should be an agreement as to the guarantee of the photographer’s work. In other words, the wedding photographer should give some form of guarantee that his work will be of premium quality and if he fails to deliver such premium quality work, legal actions can be taken against him or some other guarantee. Just make sure this type of agreement comes up between you and your photographer.

Despite all this agreements, the important thing is the fact that a contract was made and all these terms inserted into the contract and signed by both parties. Never bank on oral agreements as either of the parties can deny making such agreements, not that oral agreements cannot be enforceable but sometimes difficult to prove. Always make sure a contract is developed and signed,

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