The Ultimate Guide For A Wedding Photographer

Bring sticky tape.

wedding photographerOne standard office supply that will really get to come in handy to you as a wedding photographer is the lowly roll of sticky tape. It may not sound like something that will really get to amount to a lot in the beginning but you will constantly be surprised at how convenient and at how versatile the sticky tape can be whenever you have any clothing related emergencies during the wedding photography shoot. It can fix anything from necklines to hemming to stitches gone loose, and so on and so forth.

The sticky tape is technically one of the most underrated quick fixes out there that a lot of wedding photographers keep on overlooking at some point or so. You need to make sure that you don’t forget to bring along a roll of sticky tape because there are so many instances during a wedding photography shoot wherein you will have a need for it one way or the other. As a wedding photographer, you need to make sure that you are always able to come prepared for anything that can happen and bringing a roll of sticky tape along is something that can really help you out a lot in the process. Have something stashed somewhere and it should more or less help you put things into perspective when it all comes down to it. It is something that will basically cost you next to nothing but the benefits are tremendous when you come to think about it.

Allow some amount of spontaneity somewhere along the way during the wedding photography shoot.

Although it would be great if you have some kind of plan or some kind of itinerary in your task list as a wedding photographer, it will actually work out well for you and for your wedding photo shoot if you let people have a little more fun or more or less run a little but loose during the shoot. It doesn’t always have to be all that serious and all that stuck up or structured during the wedding photography shoot. Try to see if you will be able to work on the fly like these Lincolnshire photographers. Do your best to think on your feet and to try to work things out as you go along the way. Allow people to have fun during the shoot. Encourage them to be a little more at ease with themselves. It’s okay to be a little goofy at times and it doesn’t always have to be all planned and choreographed.

Let kids be kids during the wedding photography shoot.

There will always be kids somewhere along the way and that’s alright. Weddings are usually family based events and people will always try to bring some of their kids along to participate all throughout the wedding photography shoot. Kids don’t really respond well to instructions and they are a bit rowdy and boisterous at times but that’s alright. They are quite adorable in their own little ways and that is something that you should more or less learn to capitalize on as a wedding photographer.

Why Wedding Photographers Need To Shoot In RAW

Wedding photographers get the highest quality of images when they shoot in RAW

wedding photographyRAW is the kind of format that is practically complete and conclusive. It records all of the info in the image captured directly from the camera’s sensor. The kind of quality that it is able to bring in to the images is unparalleled and when it all comes down to it, no other format available out there could really compare to the clarity and to the crispness that RAW images are able to bring in to the mix. As a wedding photographer, this is something that you should be able to appreciate and value at the end of the day. What you need to remember is that your clients are paying you top dollar for your service in wedding photography; you need to make sure that you are able to deliver nothing but the very best as well.

RAW delivers the highest levels of brightness to wedding photographers.

Levels of brightness basically point to the amount of steps it will take to take an image from black to white. RAW is outrageously way ahead of any other format out there because it offers the highest possible levels of brightness for the images. If you would like to get things into perspective in a way or so, just take note of the fact that a JPEG file has 256 brightness levels whereas a RAW file can range from 4,000 to over 16,000 levels of brightness. The differences are almost overwhelming. Professional wedding photographers will not be so willing to just let that go right off the bat. The levels of brightness can provide you with a pretty smooth transition in between color tones and this is something that can really boost the quality of the pictures at the end of the day.

Wedding photographers can easily correct any exposure issues in the images when they are in the RAW file format.

Super exposed and under exposed images are problems that have always hounded wedding photographers for the longest time running. This does not mean that you should just give up on this altogether though. RAW images will allow you to be able to fix any image flaws quite easily and with nothing more than just a few hang-ups. Because of the fact that RAW images have all of the info complete and intact, it will be far easier for you to patch through any flaws or imperfections.

White balance is easily adjustable when the images are in RAW.

JPEG files tend to auto adjust the white balance and you end up losing the original images in all of that compression and auto application. Wedding photographers Dublin do not appreciate having to lose that kind of control and if you would like to join their ranks as professionals, neither should you.

Wedding photographers get to enjoy the kind of photo editing that is non destructive when they are in RAW.

RAW files will always protect the original version of the images which means that you can edit them freely without worrying about losing anything in the long run.