How To Be A Better Wedding Photographer

caamera lensHave a wide variety of lenses ready all of the time.

Every wedding photographer should have this in his arsenal. As a wedding photographer, you should always aim for some sort of variety in the shots that you take. This is the only way for your entire wedding photo shoot to have some sort of spice every now and then. You do not want to end up with something monotonous and boring. People will notice within the first five frames or so if the perspective and the angle is the same all of the time. You cannot afford to bore your audience at this point in your career. You have to remember that you are still more or less trying to build your brand up. You will need to up your game every single time. Invest in a variety of lenses so that you can play around with the kind of shots you take. For the basics, go for a wide angle lens, a telephoto lens, a macro lens, and a practical medium zoom lens. This will give you some sort of freedom to play around with the images that you take and to inject some sort of variety into the mix.

Get the names of the people you will be working with.

The bride will usually have a maid of honor or some other friend or member of the family that she delegates things to during the day of the wedding because she will not really be that available. Get to know this person or get to know the people close to the bride in general. You will need to be on first name basis with them just so that you will have no problem going to them for any questions or for any sign offs that you may have during the wedding. These people will need to be within the bride’s inner circle so that you can be guaranteed that whatever they say or that whatever they may decide on will actually be pretty much within the same wavelengths as the bride at the end of the day.

Come face to face with every wedding photographer’s dilemma: the white wedding dress.

The camera sees the white wedding dress as something that can be potentially problematic to the image being taken because it thinks all that white is not white at all but brightness. the camera will automatically dull the dress out in what it thinks is its attempt to save the rest of the image but of course, as you may well know, that is not the case. It just makes the dress end up looking drab and unappealing and you cannot possibly want that for any of your clients. The good think about this issue though is that you can easily remedy this by putting in some positive exposure compensation. Get to know this setting of your camera like the back of your hard and practice as much as possible because you will need that technical knowledge during the wedding day. Get tips on how to get the right shots of the wedding dress from

Get a second camera no matter what happens.

If you can’t buy one yet, then borrow one or lease one. Do not show up at the wedding without one.