Tripod Mistakes Most People Use In Wedding Photography

tripod usesDo not erect the tripod on wet sand if you are set in a beach wedding photography setting.

There will be a lot of times wherein you will be asked to hold your wedding photo shoot in challenging situations such as a beach wedding, for example. This brings in a lot of difficult aspects to the photography side of things because when it all comes down to it, the beach is a bit of an unpredictable setting to deal with at the end of the day. When you bring a tripod into the equation, it will make the equation so much harder than it already is. After all, when you come to think about it, wet sand does not exactly give you the firmest and the most stable of grounds to erect the tripod on. The legs will sink in the moment that the weight of the camera and the lenses are applied when you mount it. This can be easily fixed by putting in rubber caps at the bottom of the legs, just making the contact surface a little bit wider so that the weight is distributed and the tripod legs do not sink through. However, as much as possible, you should avoid being right on top of wet sand entirely if you can help it.

Most people make the assumption that it’s OK to settle for a cheap tripod if you are new to wedding photography.

Cheap tripods also mean that the quality may not be as good as you would like it to be and that can be a problem. You have to remind yourself time and time again that what you are putting up on it is expensive photography gear that can be quite easily at risk if the materials being used or the way that the tripod has been manufactured is a bit sub standard. What you need is a tripod of the highest possible quality. Borrow one from your friends if you can’t buy one yet but do not settle for a cheap tripod than can end up doing more harm than good for you and for the wedding photo shoot that you are trying to bring together.

Most people new to wedding photography forget about the spirit leveler of the tripod altogether.

Tripods usually come with a spirit leveler that gauges the balance of the tripod. It is important for you to make sure that you check this before you leave your camera and your lens on it. The slightest imbalance on the way that the tripod stands can have your gear and everything else that comes along with it comes crashing down the ground. It will only take you a few seconds to check the leveler and adjust it accordingly to make sure that the balance is on point. You might as well go through with it.

Most people make the mistake of buying a tripod not built for easy transport.

Wedding photography requires you to move around all the time so a movable tripod is an utmost priority.