Reasons Wedding Photographers Have For Shooting In RAW

raw formatRAW is a different file format compared to the others available out there for wedding photographers.

Whenever wedding photographers shoot in RAW, what they get to have are image files that save the information about the images that have been directly recorded by the sensor of the camera. This is unique in such a sense wherein all of the info is complete. This is not available for photographers like Sussex wedding photographer when they use other file formats such as TIFF or JPEG. The reason why having all of the info intact is very advantageous is because you get to have control over all of the changes that are being made on the images. There is no compression of files or editing of any kind done by the camera. No other format in the market can offer this out to you.

You get the highest levels of brightness when you film in RAW.

When you get high levels of brightness in your images, you get really high quality for them as well. This particular kind of feature basically refers to the number of transitions that it will take to bring an image from black to white. The transition of the color tones is one of the really important elements for photo quality out there. Try to do your best to keep that in mind all of the time.RAW is the only format that can provide you with anywhere from four thousand to over sixteen thousand levels of brightness. That is something that can be extremely substantial compared to what JPEG files have to offer which can only give you up to 256 levels of brightness.

It is easier to touch up images that have all of the info still intact and only RAW can give that to wedding photographers.

The shooting aspect of the service that wedding photographers will have to provide is just as important as the editing process of the photos. It is quite common to have over exposed images and under exposed images during the wedding and that is quite understandable. Things and people tend to move really fast during weddings and you can only do so much to try to go ahead and control them. the only difference with shooting your images in RAW though is that you can easily fix any exposure problems when you shoot them in RAW. This will make life so much easier for you once you get to the aspect of touching up photos in huge numbers.

RAW does not automatically touch the white balance setting on the pictures.

JPEG images have the white balance automatically applied by generic software embedded in the camera. That is not something you might want to just leave up to the camera at the end of the day. You will always be far smarter than any camera. It is always better if you call the shots on any changes that are being made in the images instead of the camera doing it for you. Professional wedding photographers in general really appreciate this kind of control over the pictures.

Why Wedding Photographers Shoot In RAW

wedding photography tipsWedding photographers out there go for RAW because it is a very unique file format.

Raw is a very unique file format because it records the original information that has been captured by the sensor of the camera that the images have been shot by. This means that the info is pretty much held and kept intact and no variations or modifications have been done to it. Other files such as JPEG and TIFF tend to auto edit the files by applying white balance and compressing it as well to save up on memory space in the process. This means that if you shoot in RAW, you get control over all of the editing options down to the very last detail. This is extremely powerful, when you come to think about this. The only downside to this though is the fact that RAW tends to hog in a lot of memory space in the process. Like Los Angeles wedding photographer, you will have to pack in about double or triple the amount of memory cards you usually bring in if you want to upgrade to shooting in RAW anytime soon.

RAW files enable wedding photographers to record the highest possible levels of brightness.

Levels of brightness is a huge deal if you are all for the high quality pictures. What levels of brightness mean is the amount of steps that it will take to transition a picture or an image from black to white. If you are quite new to the editing game, what you should know is that the higher the levels of brightness are, the higher the transition is between image color tones, and overall, the higher the quality of the photos turns out to be. Even the best possible filming techniques out there will get you next to nowhere if you have bad image quality. And that is the main reason why before you skip out on the RAW option and go for something else instead, you should seriously consider the quality that you will be getting. Quality trumps pretty much everything else at the end of the day.

Under exposed and over exposed images are easier to fix because when it all comes down to it; all of the info is still pretty much intact.

Things happen fast during a wedding event. As much as you would like to get the best possible exposure for your pictures, that is not always a luxury that can be readily handed out to you one way or the other. if you shoot in RAW, you will be able to fix up the images way faster and way easier compared to any other format available out there because it still has all of the info from when the images were originally shot. Nothing is compressed or omitted out.

The white balance can be easily adjusted if the images are filmed in RAW. Then there is the issue of the white balance. White balance is something that is easily applied to the images if you shoot in JPEG but not if you shoot in RAW.