Essential Wedding Photography Gear

wedding photography gearPreparing your wedding photography gear is one of the most important kinds of preparation that you will have to go through before you start a coverage. This is something that you will need to do right in order for you to have everything that you could ever need for the shoot without breaking your back and end up looking like a pack mule, bringing stuff that you do not need. It is something counterproductive and something that you should veer away from as much as possible. There are but a few things to consider but you need to understand the reason behind every piece of gear and why you are bringing them so that you will not end up confused and fumbling over your gear once you get to the wedding event.

You start off with your camera and your backup camera, of course.

The reason why a second camera body is so important is because this will serve as your insurance for when things happen to your first camera. You have to admit; you cannot fully put all of your faith and trust in one camera alone. They have that uncanny tendency to break down in the most inopportune moments. That can end up to totally messing up your coverage. You cannot just tell your clients that you missed out on some important moments of their wedding because your camera had an error during the time. You need to have something to pick up while you are putting the other down and the transition should be as smooth as ever. If you think that this is something that you cannot afford yet as a starter or as a newbie in the wedding photography scene that is quite understandable. You cannot afford to skip out on this. If money is somewhat a bit of an issue, you have cheaper options to check out. You can borrow a second camera body from a fellow photographer friend or you can rent one out.

Get yourself a few basic lenses.

Ideally you should have about three lenses. You should get a medium zoon lens, a wide angle lens, and then a telephoto lens. A medium zoom lens is probably the most versatile lens that you could ever invest in. this lens will let you shoot great portrait shots while at the same time still take great close ups. A wide angle lens will let you take great looking group photos without having to crop anyone out. It will also enable you to take photos with great architectural designs.

You will need to have a good amount of memory cards and extra camera batteries as well.

Running out of memory space is that one thing that you cannot afford. You also cannot afford to run out of batteries. To run out of any would mean a total failure on your end as a wedding photographer. Prepare for it as much as you can and you will never go wrong. Getting a tripod and some lighting fixtures will also help you out a lot.