Wedding Photography: Checklist to Keep Forever

Barnsley wedding photographerMost of the time we’ll have a checklist that we want to be able to fulfill. Once everything is checked, we tend to just throw the list away. But, as a Barnsley wedding photographer, you will want to keep this checklist and forever remember to check them every time you accept an offer.

Befriend my customers

Your clients aren’t just here to buy an item and leave. You will be staying with them for a whole day to capture their pictures. Note that they have to be comfortable with you so that you can capture more natural images without having to look like you’re intruding or disturbing the party and everyone’s enjoyment.

This involves giving friendly advice, catering your packages to their needs and showing personal interest in them. Interpersonal skill is something that many lacks and excelling in it will give you the upper hand against your competitors.

¨  Update my portfolios

Your customers will most likely visit your sites and social media accounts. Imagine if after a few months of search and going and forth through multiple sites, they still stumble upon the same exact pictures they saw. Obviously, we want our wedding photographer to be someone who constantly updates on our latest achievements and works.

Attend the rehearsal

Whenever possible, your clients will invite you to their rehearsal dinner. It can be out of manner, but to attend is to show professionalism. You want to be responsible and take the jobs seriously. Having years of experience can turn one into a haughty person and you never know if that will become your downfall. Spending the extra time will also allow you to connect with the rest of the family members and snap some extra pictures.

Check for battery

Make sure that nothing is out of juice. Bring chargers and extra batteries. The worst thing that could’ve to happen is having to put everything on hold because your camera fails to continue performing.

Check equipment

Never forget to check your equipment before leaving the venue. Have everything prepared the night before. Your morning will be easier to handle when you are not pressed for time to arrive early.

Don’t forget to bring lens hood, raincoats and umbrellas to keep shooting in any weather possible. A professional Barnsley wedding photographer should always be ready.

Keep editing to the minimum

As much as possible, print images while retaining the original format you captured. This way you will keep the authenticity of the pictures.

Involve the clients

After choosing and editing, send the selected files to your clients for feedback. Pay attention to what and which pictures they think are better. The album, after all, is meant for them.

Bind, pack and send

Present the albums/books in a bespoke style and memorable package/box that looks exclusive and showcase-worthy. This is something that your clients will keep for a very long time, so everything has to be of highest quality and designed in a way that stands against the trial of time.


Lastly, it would be nice if you can ask your clients to leave testimonies on your site and keep the positive feedbacks flow in. This will, in turn, attract future customers and assure those who have booked that you are the right person. Don’t forget to personally thank them for leaving comments. You can do this by providing extra service or simply by sending a thank you card with a printed image of them.