Indian Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners

indian wedding photographyExploring a new culture is always fun and full of new surprising things that you didn’t know people do. Indian wedding photography is basically the same as any other wedding photography. Yet, it’s important that you also understand the cultural value of their wedding procession just to be able to capture things that really matter to them.

Learn and research

It’s important to learn and research about the culture of your particular client. There are a lot of tribes, races, and languages used in India alone. It’s not wise to try to lump them up together and think that one value can apply to all. Although, they basically have a couple of things in common.

For example, not all Indians are Bengals, so you need to at least adjust how you great them. The way wedding procession takes place can also differ, so you need to research and ask your client about it. You cannot miss important moments or take too many pictures that you need to replace your memory card constantly.

Learn from the expert

If you’re not an Indian and you’ve never worked with one nor shoot in one, it’s important to learn about it firsthand before working on one on your own. This way, you will be ready for the differences in Indian weddings and are less likely to miss the important moments.

If you’re aiming to provide your own professional Indian wedding photography around the western community, you can never regret learning from One way to do that is to work under him as an assistant. You’ll learn a lot about Indian culture while training your photography skills.

Prepare your stamina

Indian weddings aren’t short, that’s for sure. Usually, they take two separate days to do with all the ritual activities that follow. It’s believed that the couple has to go through these to make sure that their family will be happy and prosper. You need to be prepared to shoot for two whole days or even three (and sometimes at night!). This is in the case that you’re shooting in India.

However, if you’re shooting for Indians in England, the rituals are most probably compacted. They might still have the important ones done to preserve the tradition, so you still have to prepare yourself early morning.

Focus on details

Indian weddings are typically intricate. The decoration, design of wedding dress and headdress are typically elaborate and bears positive meanings for the bride. Zooming in into the details there to appreciate the craftsmanship will bring more colors into the wedding album.

You might also want to focus on the jewelry as it’s part of their culture to wear lots of gold for a wedding. The luster of gold is something that is inseparable from their culture, something that makes them uniquely extravagant and beautiful. Parents usually invest a lot in them for their daughter and you can say that these pictures will keep them remember what their parents have kept for them.


Nothing comes easy. Practice is important for you who aim to provide Indian wedding photography, especially when you’re not an Indian and were never heavily exposed to their culture. But with constant learning and practice of shooting in Indian weddings, you’ll get there someday.

Top Mistakes in Wedding Photography Leicester and How to Prevent them

The wedding photograph is a vital reminder of the day when two unfamiliar persons become “love birds” and decide to become one by getting married. Wedding phwedding photography Lancashireotos enable couples to treasure those special moments shared on that day. It defines every detail of significant moments from the sacred ceremony to the festive party. However, you cannot get the best wedding photos if you allow these listed mistakes ruin your valuable wedding keepsake. Here are some mistakes in wedding photography Leicester and how to prevent them:

Failure to conclude on the wedding day schedule

To get the perfect wedding photos, you need to discuss with your potential photographer before concluding about the wedding schedule. This will enable your photographer to plan well. Do you know that there is a lot to deliberate on when it comes to taking photos and natural light? In the day sometimes are photogenic for you to take pictures. Knowing the schedule of your wedding day gives your potential photographer an edge to decide on what technical methods are to be used to make wedding photos look highly photogenic. Photos taking in the midday sun would cast harsh shadows making photos look unattractive. You can take photos during the late hours of the day because it wouldn’t cast harsh shadows on it.

Lack of communication between you and your photographer

One of the mistakes made in wedding photography Leicester is poor communication between the couple and the wedding photographer. To get the best photographs for your wedding day, it is highly important to talk to your photographer on the way you wish to appear in all photos. Telling your photographer what you want will assist them to produce great photos

Lack of assistance in arranging your guests

You need to assign someone who knows your family and friends and you can rely on to take the responsibility of organizing the guests for photo shoots. This person you have assigned will do the gathering; he will direct people to what photos they will be in and release them when the photo shots are done. This will make everything run smoothly.

Hiring an amateur photographer

You need to do a thorough research before hiring a wedding photographer. This means that you do not have to hire any photographer around. Before you employ one, you need to perform an interview and ask questions. Ask about places he has shot, his studio, and the equipment he is going to use for your wedding.

Skipping pre-wedding photo shoots

Pre-wedding photo shoots will be nice rather than rush after the wedding. The bride and the groom will be calmer compared to a time in the wedding where the couple has to pose very quickly to meet up with the reception time.

Your wedding should be perfect because it is the most important day of your life; this is why you need to give it your best effort. One of the ways to achieve perfection is to avoid the above-listed mistakes in wedding photography Leicester. No doubts, if there is another thing that you desire most to be perfect in your wedding, it should be your wedding photos. You can check for more details on wedding photography that can portray one’s special day.

How To Be The Best Wedding Photographer

wedding photographyYou should deal with the fact that bridal dresses are white.

This is something that every wedding photographer comes across at some point or so. If there is one common issue that you will have to face as a wedding photographer, it would have to be the aspect if the bridal dress always having so much white all over. This may be a bit trivial for others who are not that well versed with wedding photography but as a wedding photographer who is worth his salt, you should definitely know and be well aware of the fact that this is something that you will have to face at some point or so. What the human eye may technically see as a dress that is just all white, what the camera sees is a potentially problematic bright spot that needs to be fixed at some point or so.

There is no need to stress out though because this is something that you can do about at the end of the day. All that you will really need to do would be for you to dial in some positive exposure compensation and that is it. If you do not do anything about the white bridal dress, you will ultimately end up with pictures that have the bridal dress looking dull and gray and that is not something that you want for your final finished products. That is also not something that will keep the bride happy and over the moon about. You might as well make sure that the dress comes out right.

Get a second camera and shooter.

A responsible wedding photographer will always go through the motions of getting a second camera and second shooter no matter what. A second camera and a second shooter is something that you will need to make sure that you have by all means. A second camera will serve as insurance or backup for when something happens to your main camera and you are smack right in the middle of shooting an event. If you cannot afford to buy one just yet, and that is pretty understandable since as a new wedding photographer, you may not have a lot of cash lying around; then by all means, buy borrow one or rent one out in the meantime. There are a lot of temporary fixes available for as long as you have the intent to find it.

Hiring out a second shooter can potentially be expensive but it is something that you can find a solution for one way or the other.  Talk to the other new wedding photographers in your area and offer your services to be the second shooter in the weddings that you book and in turn, you they should do the same at some point. It provides a mutually beneficial solution to a common problem and it is something that will cost you next to nothing. You don’t have to go broke to get a second wedding photographer. The point is the matter is the fact that you need one, period. You do not exactly have to break the bank for it.

Practical Tips For Wedding Photography

wedding photography tipsSecond shooter

There is a cheap way to hire out a second shooter for your wedding photography gigs. Wedding photography is one of the most lucrative photography niches that you could ever get into. That is the main reason why it really comes as no surprise why people are flocking to get into it as much as possible. This may be something disheartening to hear at first but the truth of the matter is that this is something that you cannot afford to realize in the very beginning. Hiring a second shooter to help you cover enough ground in your wedding photography sessions is one of the most expensive overhead costs that you will have to deal with. Sadly enough for you, when it all comes down to it, there really is no way out of this. There is something that you can do about this though at the end of the day. And luckily enough for you, this particular solution will not require you to cause a dent in your already struggling budget.

Reach out to the rest of the people you may know in the wedding photography community in your area and offer out your services as second shooter for their weddings and in exchange, they should do the same for the weddings that you do book. All it really takes is a smartly worded email and all of the right contacts for you to touch up on, and you are pretty much set and good to go. It is something that is practical and cheap (or for no cost at all) and definitely something that you should need to try especially if lots of cash lying around is not a luxury that you can afford just yet.


There is a compromise lens that can do what the telephoto lens and wide angle lens can do all in one. If there is one thing that you will need to remember and keep in mind all of the time, it is the fact that at the end of the day, you need money to make money. Two of the most basic lenses that you will need to have on you all of the time would have to be a telephoto lens and a wide angle lens. A telephoto lens is perfect for all of those close ups that you will need to take from afar or from a considerable enough distance whereas a wide angle lens is something that will allow you to take great looking group photos without difficulties. These lenses are extremely expensive though and you may not be able to afford them all at once. In the meantime, just until you are able to pull off enough funds to get it done, you can invest in something fairly midrange and affordable but it will still be able to pull the job off one way or the other. Your solution lies on the medium zoom lens. It does a little of what both lenses can do without breaking the bank and can be the perfect “meantime” lens.


Back up your photos twice all the time. Treat your image files like gold. Back them up in two different places and in two different devices, no questions asked.

Commercial Photography? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

commercial photographyFirst and foremost, the most important thing for you to do is to make sure that you get to find a niche.

Before you even decide to get into commercial photography and actually make a living out of it, you need to see what you are good at and where you should concentrate on when it all comes down to it. Although it may be true that you should not be all that choosy when it comes to the side gigs that you are getting when you are just starting out in the world of photography, that does not mean that your interests or preferences should all be scattered as well. Try to read up on articles online about the different kinds of photography out there and find out which ones seem to pique your interest the most.

That should be a pretty good start. You need to have a substantial enough background idea in order for you to be able to form your opinions accurately. Try to talk it out with the rest of the other people you may know who are also in commercial photography. Ask for an honest assessment of the kind of work you do and what they think the perfect niche is for you. Finding your niche in commercial photography is as important as finding your personality and finding your place in the world. Work hard at it and keep going until you actually establish it.

Be as diligent as you possibly can and brace yourself for an onslaught of failures in the very beginning.

There is no such thing as you not being good enough and you technically end up failing in the process. That is not something that you would like to do at all and more so, that it not how things are bound to happen. If you tend to face a lot of failures at first, what you need to understand is the fact that this is all in the beginning. Keep working at it and you will eventually learn how to make things work for you. Set all of your goals accordingly and get rid of any kinds of doubts in the beginning. Take a few small steps at a time until you are able to reach the goals that you have set for yourself as well as for your commercial photography business.

Strategize your marketing channels accordingly.

You will need to build a website as well as maintain a blog. You will also need a professional email address with a fairly professional domain. If you want to be able to muscle your way into the commercial photography world, what you can be rest assured of is the fact that they will be unimpressed with a domain account name that says or something fairly generic. You do not have to spend a whole lot of money on this. It requires a small capital and a little work on the side. It should pay out in dividends if you work hard enough in making sure that you are able to cultivate it.

Essential Wedding Photography Gear

wedding photography gearPreparing your wedding photography gear is one of the most important kinds of preparation that you will have to go through before you start a coverage. This is something that you will need to do right in order for you to have everything that you could ever need for the shoot without breaking your back and end up looking like a pack mule, bringing stuff that you do not need. It is something counterproductive and something that you should veer away from as much as possible. There are but a few things to consider but you need to understand the reason behind every piece of gear and why you are bringing them so that you will not end up confused and fumbling over your gear once you get to the wedding event.

You start off with your camera and your backup camera, of course.

The reason why a second camera body is so important is because this will serve as your insurance for when things happen to your first camera. You have to admit; you cannot fully put all of your faith and trust in one camera alone. They have that uncanny tendency to break down in the most inopportune moments. That can end up to totally messing up your coverage. You cannot just tell your clients that you missed out on some important moments of their wedding because your camera had an error during the time. You need to have something to pick up while you are putting the other down and the transition should be as smooth as ever. If you think that this is something that you cannot afford yet as a starter or as a newbie in the wedding photography scene that is quite understandable. You cannot afford to skip out on this. If money is somewhat a bit of an issue, you have cheaper options to check out. You can borrow a second camera body from a fellow photographer friend or you can rent one out.

Get yourself a few basic lenses.

Ideally you should have about three lenses. You should get a medium zoon lens, a wide angle lens, and then a telephoto lens. A medium zoom lens is probably the most versatile lens that you could ever invest in. this lens will let you shoot great portrait shots while at the same time still take great close ups. A wide angle lens will let you take great looking group photos without having to crop anyone out. It will also enable you to take photos with great architectural designs.

You will need to have a good amount of memory cards and extra camera batteries as well.

Running out of memory space is that one thing that you cannot afford. You also cannot afford to run out of batteries. To run out of any would mean a total failure on your end as a wedding photographer. Prepare for it as much as you can and you will never go wrong. Getting a tripod and some lighting fixtures will also help you out a lot.

Food Photography Tricks You Need To Learn

food photographyYou will only need one light source when it comes to food photography.

When it all comes down to it, food photography is technically all about the simplicity that comes along with it. This is something that a lot of people new to it get wrong though at some point or so. You see, you do not need to go through a lot of hoops and jumps when it comes to getting your food photography situation in order. What you will need to remember all of the time is the fact that when it comes to food photography, you will only need one source of lighting to work with, nothing more.

Anything more than that and you will tend to end up with something that will be all over the place. What you will need to understand is the fact that when it all comes down to it, the only kind of light that you will need to showcase your food is the kind that is positioned at the back of the plate. Back light will always be the best way to go when it all comes down to it. This kind of lighting will make your food look like it could jump out of the plate any time and it has that vibe wherein it tends to look really tempting – just the way it should be.

Learn how to work with low light settings.

More often than not, you will be holding your food photography session while you are indoors. There will be really few instances out there wherein you will be taking photos of the food al fresco but the most common scenario would be the fact that you will have to take them indoors and that is the main reason why you will need to equip yourself with learning how you will be able to work with low light settings. You need all of the necessary preparations for you to be able to pull it off. Bring in a few of lighting stand fixtures to help aid you when it comes to the lighting process. You should also make sure that you are able to bring a tripod in the process. A tripod will be extremely helpful in providing your camera the kind of stability that it needs in order for you to be able to minimize the camera shakes brought about when the shutter speed is intentionally slowed down because there is not enough light filling the sensor of the camera.

Change the camera angle every once in a while.

If you want a healthy assortment or variation in your photos, the best way for you to be able to go around with it would be to change the angle up every now and then. Take it from a high perspective, a low one, and even a sideways one and see how the photos eventually turn out for you. Do not be afraid to experiment with all of the different poses and angles out there because at the end of the day, it is your best chance of getting some kind of variation with the images that you will be able to produce one way or the other.