Wedding Moments: Photographer, Videographer or Both?

wedding videography WaterfordThere is nothing more important than the memories of your wedding day. Not the flowers, not the decorations, and definitely not the music. The memories of both of you being joined together in holy matrimony; the memories of the people, the guest and the expressions on their faces; and so much more are the most important things you can ever think of when it comes to the wedding.

It is why brides-to-be are always advised to start as soon as possible the search for a dependable and professional wedding photographer to capture and save memories of that day. It’s a lengthy process that involves interviews, research, meetings and difficult selection decisions.

So is choosing a wedding videography Waterford.

To many people, and couples, however, hiring just a wedding photographer is enough. Many do not see the need to hire a wedding videographer. Most times, they regret this decision especially when they reflect on moments that should have been filmed.  You only need to go to online forums or ask around to see how much brides regret not hiring a wedding videographer, or the joy that follows the decision to hire one.

Blaming the Budget

Frankly speaking, a lot of couples blame their budgets and would have hired a videographer. So, when faced with the choices of a photographer or a videographer, they happily go for the former.

Anyway, these two sets of professionals – the photographer and the videographer – are responsible for preserving the memories of that beautiful day. To be honest, they both have their pros and cons, all reflective in the final works they present to you.

Working with your budget is important. Weddings are expensive events and it is ill-advised to spend far more than your budget.

Choosing a wedding videography Waterford like that provide both services can greatly you’re your budget.

Accommodating a wedding videographer can be one of finest decisions you will make. Look at those flowers. Do you need all those flowers? Look at other things you seem to be spending more money on and cut down on the amounts and costs. Honestly, it is worth it.

Setting your priorities is exactly what your need for your wedding. Do you want to end the day and not have more than enough memories to look at?

Remember that the day goes by so fast and so many things are happening all at the same time that your wedding photographer can only do so much. A wedding videographer however, can capture a thousand memories in a matter of minutes.

Pictures Don’t Suffice

You can look at albums, and remember little details of the moments in the pictures. You can remember him looking at you, and you can remember the moment your best friend gave a toast. You can even remember how you both danced on the dancefloor amongst so many people.

But a video, a film, will do so much more. You get to hear the defining words he said on the pulpit in front of the priest. You get to listen to that joke the MC said that made everyone laugh. Motion picture is amazing and you should not forego it for anything on your wedding day.

A wedding photographer is undoubtedly important; so is a wedding videographer. And wedding videography Waterford provides adequate professional.

Both professionals capture memories, but they do so in two different ways that can have profound eternal effects.

Is There a Professional Alternative Wedding Photographer?

alternative wedding photographerYou and partner are both busy looking for vendors for your wedding party. Each of you has your own part to do, but after a while, you might be thinking if it is possible to find a professional alternative wedding photographer. The alternative is, after all, different and unexpected. Can someone be good at something he doesn’t expect?

As a matter of fact, yes. All you need to do is just wait as we bring the reasons to you.

Adept photographer

No matter the style and genre, it is still about photography skills. That is why looking through portfolios still matter because you don’t know if the photographer has worked on something similar. A high and professional photography skill is absolutely necessary for them to even consider being able to capture great pictures.

But that is not the only thing they need to have. Some photographers are good at capturing ‘common’ things, but being an alternative photographer means you will meet uncommon situations.


To proceed successfully, the photographer has to be a good listener when you consult about your pictures. The photographer knows that your wedding theme isn’t based on the usual ones. It could be a fantasy theme or done in an unorthodox way or location. All of that can mean that the photographer is challenged to get out of his comfort zone and come up with impromptu and creative ideas to shoot.

A photographer that discusses and communicate with you will be able to understand what you want clearly. They have to become a good listener to your story. This is the second requirement of an alternative wedding photographer. One of the best photographers in doing this is

Comes for rehearsal

Attending rehearsal for a photographer, in this case, is so much more important. Before you decide to hire the photographer, make sure that the person is available to attend your rehearsal later. It’s important for the rehearsal to be attended by everyone involved if it’s an alternative wedding. A lot of these people don’t know how things are going to be different, including your photographer.

During the rehearsal, have your photographer practice several shots with you. In case that the terrain is very uneven and wild (such as in forests), this is the more so important to practice when you are comfortable and not pressure by time. You can also discuss if there is a particular place or position that you want.

Consult till you’re done

Don’t be afraid to take up as many times as you need when discussing the photography details. If you have any concerns or changes to the arrangement, be sure that your photographer is also informed about it. During the wedding, rehearsal is the best time to do this. If there is no rehearsal, you can meet up or at least do a video call to discuss it.

There is a professional alternative wedding photographer for you out there somewhere. If you follow our guide, you’ll surely understand how to find one and make sure that person understands your vision. Setting enough time to prepare is the key.